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MotivationalExpress Yourself Digitallywith Motivational Cards EducationalExpress Yourself Digitallywith Educational Cards
MotivationalExpress Yourself Digitally
with Motivational Cards
EducationalExpress Yourself Digitally
with Educational Cards
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Features That Define Our Card Magic

Virtual Expressions E-Cards

Virtual Expressions E-Cards are an excellent choice for shorter messages of motivation, intention, or inspiration. Consider offering bundles of themed cards for specific occasions or emotions, such as motivation for work success or intention for mindfulness. Explore More

$2.99 each

Audio E-Cards

Audio E-Cards can be perfect for sharing motivational speeches, guided meditations, or personalized messages of encouragement. Consider offering customization options, where customers can record their own messages or choose from a library of motivational audio clips. Explore More

$4.99 each

Spoken Word E-Cards

Spoken Word E-Cards are ideal for longer, reflective messages related to education, personal growth, and health and wellness. Consider collaborating with motivational speakers or wellness experts to provide exclusive content for these e-cards. Explore More

$9.99 each

Forge Meaningful Connections With Virtual Cards

Get ready to express yourself in a whole new way with Virtual Expressions, the innovative e-card platform created by Shannon Jackson.

Features That Define Our Card Magic

Fathers Day



Health and Wellness Cards

Road to Recovery Cards

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About Virtual Expressions!

This is what I needed to hear! What a beautiful message. Thank you, Shannon, for being such an amazing mentor, friend, boss and for showing me such love & support.
Olivia Queano
Hello Shannon, thank you more, Beyond words! Will cherish your gratitude, not just in my "Favorites" but Forever in heart. Blessing to YOU.
Thank you so much Shannon. You have a way about you that makes people feel better Hope you made it back home safe.
Jodi PT Meridian Home Health

Grief and Loss Cards

Motivational Cards

Inspirational Audio Cards

Motivational Audio Cards

Health and Wellness Audio Cards

Motivational Spoken Cards

Grief and Loss Audio Cards

Road to Recovery Audio Cards

Thank you Cards

Thank you Audio Cards

Anniversary Cards

Anniversary Audio Cards

Birthday Cards

Birthday Audio Cards

E-Cards That Speak Your Heart's Language

In the era of digital greetings, our e-cards are the authentic expression of your emotions. Our diverse collection of e-cards caters to a wide range of themes, including education, motivation, holidays, health, inspiration, and beyond. Whether you’re celebrating a graduation, sending words of encouragement, or simply expressing your unique perspective, our meticulously designed virtual cards offer the perfect way to convey your heartfelt message. Each card is meticulously crafted with heartfelt messages that inspire, motivate, and uplift.

Diverse Themes

Inspiring Messages

Ease of Sharing

Authentic Expression

How can E-cards benefit you?


No more trips to the store, searching for stamps, or waiting for traditional mail – send your greetings in a snap.

Global Reach

E-cards can be sent to friends and family worldwide, overcoming geographic boundaries.

Audio-Enhanced Creative

Experience the future of greetings with audio-enhanced cards – turning moments into melodies of love and laughter.

Instant Delivery

Reach the recipient's inbox immediately, making them ideal for last-minute greetings and timely messages.


Some e-cards include multimedia elements like music, animations, and videos, enhancing the overall experience.

Digital Printable Designs

Discover the charm of our digital printable designs that make gifting elegant and leave a lasting impression.